Welcome to the newest, and largest, studio space in the North of England, PEREGRINE Studio; placed centrally in South Yorkshire with easy access to the M1 and A1, and many beautiful locations in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and coastal towns.  Within 30 minutes drive of Sheffield, and 40 from Leeds; and easy rail access to Manchester and London (1.5 hour train direct from Kings Cross to Doncaster station, only 20 minutes away).


The Studio and ancillary spaces come with roller door access, parking and attached production offices. Workshop tools, and plants such as forklifts, cherry picker and scissor lift, are also available on site. With 1500kva electricity supply to the site, you can have all the power that you need.


The site can be completely closed access so only approved people are allowed in and security guards are available day and night. CCTV cameras are placed all around to ensure safety and security of your property. With experience in filming and Health & Safety issues, our site and our team are perfect for all of your needs.

Studio 1 is wide open without any columns to interrupt your sets and filming (similar to the Bond studio at Pinewood).

Externally we have large canopied areas, over 140,000 sq ft: perfect for set building or external scenes. Build can easily happen outside under the canopy area and then can be brought straight into Studio 1. About 100 cars parking spaces around the property, with private access for only your team. Easy access for deliveries, lorries and huge sets straight onto the Stage floors.


Area 48,144sq ft

Height 26ft | 38ft

Length 354ft

Width 136ft

Power 1500-3000kVa

WiFi up to 800Mbps

Ethernet 1Gbps

Ceiling Lights LED




Area 7,584sq ft

Height 16ft | 20ft

Length 158ft

Width 48ft



Area 22,752sq ft

Height 16ft | 20ft

Length 158ft

Width 144ft



Area 1,056sq ft

Length 44ft

Width 24ft

external area

Area 140,000 sq ft

Door 14 Rollers


Parking 100 Cars

first floor

Area 8,000 sq ft

Rooms 4

WiFi up to 800Mbps

Ethernet 1Gbps

Ethernet Plugs 200

Power Sockets 100

Lighting LED

Toilet 2 Female 2 Male

             & Disabled

Kitchenette 1

Access Lifts & Stairs

Furnished Production Offices with plenty of space to tailor them to your production needs: Executive Suite, large open space rooms, smaller office and mid-sized team rooms.

Multi-purpose spaces that can be used as green rooms, read through / rehearsal / dance rooms, costume and make-up facilities, etc.

THIRD floor

Area 11,000 sq ft

Rooms 10 inc Executive Suite

WiFi up to 800Mbps

Ethernet 1Gbps

Ethernet Plugs 400

Power Sockets 200

Lighting LED

Toilet 4 Female 4 Male

Kitchenette 2

Access Lifts & Stairs



- 92 Costume Rails

  full sized rails with wheels

- 4 ChromaKey Steel Deck

  1’6” tall with steps GREEN

- Electric Heaters

- Diesel Heaters

- Office Bumph

- CityScape Translight

- Garden Translight


Commercial Road

Goldthorpe S63 9BL

0774 307 2306‬


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